George Washington Carver was content to stay home at Tuskegee Institute, but he could be pulled away when he thought he could be of service by sharing his vast information and inspiration with his fellow human beings. He was so in demand that this happened hundreds of times.


One of his trips, during the summer of 1908 when he turned forty-four, did not fit this pattern. That trip was a journey into his past. It was so unusual because he had no family to visit, and he had left behind his life as a slave and then an orphan with barely a look back. For the first and last time in his life, he seemed actively in search of some insight from people and scenes of his early memories.


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From Tuskegee, the Alabama school for blacks where he headed the Agriculture Department, Carver took trains to Neosho, Missouri, eight miles from his birthplace. There he stayed in the colored neighborhood with eighty-five-year-old Mariah Watkins and her husband Andrew. The Watkinses had given him a place to live for a school year after he had left home at age twelve in search of knowledge.

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